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Fairmont’s week in review

Bradley Hamilton, Ron Calcutt, Trey Calcutt and Jamie Stanley were the winners of the Collard Classic Tournament held on New Years Day. They had a one-stroke victory over Barry Leonard, Aaron Maynor, Sean Morrow and Jeff Broadwell. Tom Lee, Robert Lawson, Mark Smith and Darrel Atkinson won the second flight and David Ivey, Shawn Taylor, Michael Britt and Josh Pittman won the third flight.

Michael Graham and Lee Hunt won this week’s senior shootout with a three-stroke victory over Delton Burns and Ricky Harris. David Evans and Jerry Long won the second flight, with Jeff Hunt and Keith Woods taking second. The third flight was won by Knocky Thorndyke and Ronnie Chavis, with Bobby Benton and Bob Slahetka taking second. Clifton Rich, Jerry Jolly, Mike Graham and Jimmy Dyson were closet to the pin winners.

The next senior shootout will be played this Tuesday, with a 10 a.m. shotgun start.

Top rounds posted this week include: Dylan Thompson 69; James Cox 72; Sean Morrow 73; Bill Link 73; Mark Lassiter 74; David Sessions 74; Mitch Grier 74; Kirk Hamilton 75; James Barron 76.

Pinecrest senior shootout results

Tiger Willie and Willie Oxendine claimed a two-stroke victory in this week’s Pinecrest senior shootout with a 68 on Thursday.

The runners-up were James Humphrey and Mike Sellers. The closest to the flag winners were Oxendine and Tommy Belch.

The next Pinecrest senior shootout is Thursday with a 10 a.m. shotgun start.

Staff report

Send all golf news to Jonathan Bym via email at [email protected]

Send all golf news to Jonathan Bym via email at [email protected]