“I appreciate the partnerships that I’ve had with the tribe, representing the largest tribe East of the Mississippi. I’ve taken a lot of pride in that relationship and have been able to make sure that we’ve budgeted dollars from the North Carolina General Assembly for ag, for the Culture Center and for all the work that they’re doing out here at the center, as well as working with the tribal council on those same things.”

Sen. Danny Britt Jr., R-Dist. 24 (Robeson, Hoke and Scotland counties) , talking about funding provided by the state that will enhance the Lumbee Cultural Center.


Fayetteville Road will be widened for a portion of the project. There will be a roundabout installed at 24th Street and Godwin Avenue. Near the (Lumberton) High School, there was a driveway location for the buses. It’s going to look a little different under the final plans as opposed to what it is today. Those were all coordinated with the high school back in, I think, the 2020 time frame. Might have been 2019. It was pre-COVID.”

Craig Freeman, Division 6 project engineer on the Fayetteville Road project in Lumberton, talking about the expected improved traffic flow.


“The safety of our students and this campus is paramount, equal to our desire to educate. But in today’s world, we’ve got to realize that there’s a societal issue with too many guns.”

UNC Pembroke Chancellor Robin Cummings talking about his frustrations about gun violence.


ICYMI: The Biden admin paroled over 450,000 illegal aliens through the CBP One app in just a year. This is in addition to the millions of illegal crossings and gotaways.

U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop, @RepDanBishop, R-North Carolina Dist. 8.


Even U.S. Border Patrol admits that Biden leaving our border wide open is a national security threat. HR 2 is the strongest border security package ever passed in the House. Yet it’s been collecting dust on Schumer’s desk for 300+ days. PASS HR 2 & SECURE THE BORDER NOW.

U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson @RepRichHudson, R-North Carolina Dist. 9.