LETTER: It is dangerous growing up female in America

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

It is hard growing up as a female in America, related to sexual/sexest harassment and assualt — including the remarks made in a woman’s work place.

The impact this has made on our women and female minors has caused us to be scared to step foot out of our own homes.

This has also caused us to sometimes accept the sexual abuse when they are in relationships and we regconize this as love including the domestic violence we can indure in relationships. We often remain quiet and unspoken.

Female injustice in America is by far in itself one of the most overlooked concepts in our country right now. What we wear is often an excuse for a male to cover for their actions.

Consider the March 28, 2016 incident when a 1-year-old-baby girl in Indiana is raped and smothered to death by a family friend.

Every 2 minutes a woman/female minor is being assualted or raped in America; 22% of victims were younger than 12; 32% were between 12-17 years of age; 43% were lesbian or bisexual; 34% native or foriegn woman; 19% being African American women; 18% white women; 7% Asian American. And what’s worse is 83% being disabled women.

Women are taught that boys will be boys. Watch how you dress yourself, don’t be tempting, and differently don’t walk in that neighborhood.

So as you can see a woman can simply not just go about her day.

Our clothes at school are to be fingertip length or below the knee, shoulders are to be covered, and Lord help every guy at school if he sees a little bit of skin.

Oh, and the holes in your jeans make sure they are close to your knee length otherwise it is definitely inappropriate.

We need to teach our upcoming generations self control and respect which alot of our men and younger male adults lack. At https://www.rainn.org/ you will find the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization that helps victims, fights for justice and provides support. There also is a hot-line for active victims.

As a young woman who deeply understands this subject, I say it will never be too late to come forward and there will be service and justice provided for us may it be one day at a time.

Addison Britt


Addison Britt is a student at Lumberton Senior High School.